Cinema Equipment

We have a dozen projectors for screening films in 35mm format.
Projecteur 35MM KinotonThe projectors have different wattage levels between 1600 and 7000W. The different wattages enable us to offer you the best picture quality according to the size of the screen you have chosen.
We also have portable 35mm projectors so that we can set up in even the most inaccessible areas that cannot be reached with vehicles.
Projecteur 35MM transportable BuisseThese projectors are powered using electronic rectifiers. They come with 4000-5000m spool towers that avoid interrupting the screening to change the reel.
With regard to sound, the power and the type of equipment depends on the size of the screen, the site and the number of spectators. We can offer Dolby Stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1.
Projecteur 35MM + Vidéo + Table mixageIf you wish to use both 35mm and video formats, we also have professional video material. We have a large array of equipment to be able to adapt to all circumstances.